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Ethan at The Anvil

It was a happy accident that started it all.


I am a retired Marine, and in 2013 I was stationed in the greater Jacksonville North Carolina area. Our family had a home there and this is where this all started. We had a nice half acre lot and I wanted to build my boys a large fort to play on , it was a two floor playhouse completely made from scrap wood. I had never made a play house before, so eventually the bottom floor rotted away and it needed to be torn down.


We demolished the playhouse and built a large fire, halfway through the burn, I noticed a piece of steel rebar that had managed to find a way into the fire. Using a stick I was able to remove the steel from the fire and noticed it had a nice red tinge to it. I thought that it was interesting and wondered what would happen if I continue to heat it. I went into the garage and found a small sledgehammer and a rotor for a truck. I went back to the fire and set them both on a stump. I managed to take a pair of pliers and pull the steal from the fire. Using the rotor as an anvil I struck the steel five times. I noticed that there were changes in the steel although small I could tell that they were there. After that, experience I was hooked and told myself I had to explore this more.


Since then my sons and wife had a hand in someway with every project that has come from our shop.

Sword display
Knife Forge on Anvil
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