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The Rinaldo's do a wide range of blacksmith and bladesmith work.
Everything is made to customer specifications
CuMai Blades Knife


Adding a unique flare to a knife we've added copper between layers of steel. This example of a push dagger sports Damascus steel and copper cladding around a 80crv2 core. We've made blades with copper cladding as long as 13 inches to what is pictured at 3 inch blade length. These copper clad knives are heat treated and tempered in exactly the same fashion as all our other blades and are functional pieces of art.

​Average Price, not greater than 13 inch blade length, $600.00±

Damascus Steel Chefs Knife


Any knife that you may want to custom design, can be made with Damascus or pattern welded steels. The Rinaldo's commonly choose 15n20 and either 1095 or 80crv2 steels to deliver contrasting unique patterns in the blade.  Unique items such as these require additional time to and more materials to create.


Average price $450.00± Each

Adjustable Hook Pots and Pans Board


Once mounted to the wall, the decorative hooks can be moved to either side to fit the items what you want to hang.  Can add additional hooks or completely modify the entire piece to suit your needs.


Average Price $100.00±

Fixed Blade Knife


A general utility knife made from 1095, 80crv2, or other modern steels that are hardened and tempered.  The knife pictured here has a 5-inch blade and is 9 inches in overall length.  The fixed blade knife can be custom made for any length under 20 inches.

​Average Price, not greater than 20 inches, $350.00±

Tom's Sword.jpg


Any blade over 20 inches automatically moves into sword territory. The Rinaldo's do double and single edged swords. Swords can also be ordered in Damascus steel, too. This sword was a Damascus blade with olive wood for the handle. Named Light Bringer, for the accomplishments of it's owner.

Average price, any thing greater than 20 inches $2,000.00±

Ornamental Sunflower

Perfect for the yard, this sunflower compliments the home and warms the heart.  The size of the pictured sunflower is approximately four feet tall.  An order size can very, and custom sizes are available on request.  Price will vary depending on size.


Average Price $500.00±

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